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Episode 125: How To Improve Your Content Marketing By Pruning Old Content

In this episode, I talk about why you should content prune and how to do it. The end goal, maximize the value of your existing content and grow new leads from a little content spring cleaning.

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Episode 96: 6 Things You Need To Be Doing With Content Marketing Headed Into 2019

In this episode, I go over how content marketing is changing and 6 key things that you must do content marketing in the future, so you can create an action plan today, for 2019.

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Episode 70: The Content Marketing Tech Stack for a Tech Smart Boss

If you have listened to our podcast for more than a few episodes, no doubt you’ve heard me talk about the importance of content marketing for lead generation.  In this episode I got deeper into the […]

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Episode 12: How to Setup a Content Marketing Framework (To Generate Leads)

The holy grail of business is a lead generation engine. In this podcast I’m going to lay out the framework on how you can setup your website to be the ultimate lead generator for your business, using […]

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Episode 135: How To Reuse Your Existing Content To Drive Sales (The Tech Smart Boss Way)

In this episode, I discuss the concept of reusing your content and converting it into sales and marketing collateral to help increase your sales.

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Don’t Do Your Content Wrongly, Optimize with Copywritely (Onboarding and Review)

In this video, we set up a new Copywritely account and take a look at some of the onboarding and set up in the product (and show you how it saved me from publishing duplicate content on my blog).

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Why You Should Use Technology to Facilitate Communication Between Marketing and Sales

Today, there is no reason not to utilize the technology at your disposal. There seems to be no industry left untouched by the rapid changes that have taken place in the last five years alone thanks […]

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Episode 126: How To Introduce Storytelling In Your Brand Marketing

In this episode, I talk about the concept of leveraging story telling in your marketing and content creation and point you to a few good resources to learn more about the topic.

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Turn Your Content Into SEO Gold with Mazen Content (Onboarding and Review)

In this video, I set up a new account with Mazen, activate their extension in my Google Docs, and walk through their optimization tips on one of my blog articles. They offer some insights on content that I hadn’t seen before, and I like it.

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Episode 115: How To Outsource Your Content Writing (And Avoid The Pitfalls)

In this episode, I discuss what some of those pitfalls are and how to avoid them. Plus I discuss a few options that I am currently using in my business.

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