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Episode 109: 6 Types of Bottom of the Funnel Content Your Business Should Have

In this episode, I go over 6 types of content you need to serve the needs of your bottom of the funnel leads. And with this content, you can take them from highly interested opportunities, into long lasting customers.

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Keep Your Stakeholders In The Loop With Announcekit (Onboarding and Review)

In this video, I set up an account from scratch with Annoucekit, set up a quick change log and make a new post. Announcekit competes with products we have talked about before, Headway and Beamer, and it does so very well, with a nice price point (free to start).

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Episode 75: How to Keep Your Customers Informed Without Relying Solely on Email (The Tech Smart Boss Way)

When was the last time you looked in your spam folder? I may be the only one, but if you look in there you’ll find a lot of junk, but you’ll also find some updates from […]

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