If Instagram Is Your Jam Here’s Our Review of Boostfy And How They Help You Grow Your Instagram Following

Did you know that Tech Smart Boss is on Instagram? I may be biased but I think we have this slamming Instagram page (check it out).

But if you are up to date on our podcast, you know what my thoughts are on spending too much time on social media if you’re not getting a clear return on investment (Episode 17 is a good start point on this topic).

But I got a pretty decent cold email from the CEO of this company Boostfy and thought I would give it a try.  Their proposition was to help me grow my Instagram account by liking other users posts to make them notice my account and interact with it.

A pretty simple concept with none of that follow/unfollow mess.

In the video, you will see that Boostfy was pretty easy to get started with and they succeed in their proposition.

Now I am a little leery of bots and the number of likes they are doing in my name, I don’t want to get my account in trouble by the Instagram police and from what I understand they don’t like the auto liking and commenting bots.  But in the week I ran Boostfy I didn’t run into any problems.

If Instagram is your jam and you are looking to boost up your following, you may want to take a deeper look and give Boostfy a try.  But just keep in mind, Instagram is ultimately the judge and the jury when it comes to if they allow services like this to continue.

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