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Episode 28: How to Generate Leads using Outbound Emails (The Tech Smart Boss Way)

Everybody hates spam and unsolicited emails, but outbound email can be a really good way to generate leads for your business IF you do it the right way.  In this episode, we cover some of the […]

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Episode 18: 5 Keys to Creating a Customer Service Culture in Your Business (And Why You Should Do It)

Businesses that provide excellent Customer Service don’t do it with a single department or team, they have a culture dedicated to providing great support. In this episode, I walk through the 5 keys of how to […]

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Episode 10: How to Set Limits on Technology (Like a Tech Smart Boss)

We love technology but if you’re not careful, technology can be a 24/7 distraction.  In this episode we cover 6 steps on how you can set limits on technology so you can reap the benefits but […]

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Episode 3: The Back-Story (How Tech Smart Boss Came to Be)

So who is David Ferguson and what is Tech Smart Boss all about? I tell my story and share some business insights in this episode.   Topics Discussed (Time Stamped) 1:22 How this Tech Smart Boss […]

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Episode 1: How to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service the Tech Smart Boss Way

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Tech Smart Boss podcast.  After a short intro on what to look forward to in this podcast, we go right into a way to leverage technology to deliver amazing […]

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