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Episode 29: How To Set Up An Indirect Sales Channel For Your Business

Channel partnerships are changing these days. The models that worked in the past for large businesses are failing and smaller, more agile companies have the opportunity to grow their business by coming out with more innovative programs […]

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Episode 28: How to Generate Leads using Outbound Emails (The Tech Smart Boss Way)

Everybody hates spam and unsolicited emails, but outbound email can be a really good way to generate leads for your business IF you do it the right way.  In this episode, we cover some of the […]

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Episode 18: 5 Keys to Creating a Customer Service Culture in Your Business (And Why You Should Do It)

Businesses that provide excellent Customer Service don’t do it with a single department or team, they have a culture dedicated to providing great support. In this episode, I walk through the 5 keys of how to […]

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Episode 10: How to Set Limits on Technology (Like a Tech Smart Boss)

We love technology but if you’re not careful, technology can be a 24/7 distraction.  In this episode we cover 6 steps on how you can set limits on technology so you can reap the benefits but […]

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Episode 3: The Back-Story (How Tech Smart Boss Came to Be)

So who is David Ferguson and what is Tech Smart Boss all about? I tell my story and share some business insights in this episode.   Topics Discussed (Time Stamped) 1:22 How this Tech Smart Boss […]

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Episode 1: How to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service the Tech Smart Boss Way

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Tech Smart Boss podcast.  After a short intro on what to look forward to in this podcast, we go right into a way to leverage technology to deliver amazing […]

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