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Episode 40: The Negatives of Leveraging Cloud and SaaS Technology In Your Business

All I do is talk about the benefits and how you can grow your business better and faster using modern technology.  Well in this episode I’m going to flip the script and talk about the negatives […]

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Find the Ideal Time to Post on Twitter with Followerwonk

Are you tweeting at the best time to reach your audience? Many social media scheduling tools provided suggested times to tweet but the “best” time changes over time as you add new followers and grow your […]

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Episode 27: The SmallBiz Marketing Stack for a Tech Smart Boss

Leveraging technology to scale your brand is a key business strategy of a Tech Smart Boss. Marketing is an area where there is a lot of technology that is affordable, easy to use, and can help […]

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Episode 17: How to Put Your Social Media Content on AutoPilot (While Keeping The Human Touch)

Being present on social media doesn’t have to cost a lot of time or money. And it shouldn’t, especially if it’s not a driver of your business leads or revenue. In this episode, we cover how […]

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Episode 5: Top Apps for the Traveling Tech Smart Boss

I’ve been doing a lot of travel recently so in this episode I go over my favorite apps that keep you connected to your office and make traveling a little more enjoyable.   Topics Discussed (Time […]

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How to setup a FREE buffer account and put your social media accounts on auto-pilot

Buffer is a great app for scheduling social media content. They have a powerful mobile app, browser plug-ins, and lots of features to reduce the time it takes you to manage your #smallbiz social media empire […]

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