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Episode 121: 9 Customer Service Metrics a Tech Smart Boss Should Track

In this episode, I go over 9 customer support metrics that you should monitor in your business and most of them your help desk software will not provide you out of the box.

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Collecting Feedback On Your Website Using Feedier (Tech Smart Boss Use Case)

In this video, I set up a Feedier Carrier (their name for a survey) and embed it on my website and show you how you can add engagement methods to encourage users to give you their opinions.

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🎯 This week’s Tech Smart Boss Cool Tech of the Week -> Feedier

Check out all the best of the week in Issue 118 of the Tech Smart Boss Newsletter. We’ve talked about Feedier a few times on our podcast and YouTube channel, but this week wanted to give […]

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Episode 88: 7 Steps to Making a Great Customer (or Prospect) Feedback Survey

Getting feedback from your customers and leads are critical to improving your business.  But everybody is busy these days, so no one has time for your long boring survey asking a million questions.  You have to […]

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Episode 87: 6 Ways To Improve The Onboarding Process For Your Software Or Service

Sometimes we focus so much on customer acquisition, we miss the low hanging fruit of ensuring the customers we win have an amazing experience and transition to ambassadors for our product or service.  Even worse,  if […]

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How To Feed Your Need For Customer Feedback with Feedier (Getting Started and Overview)

Collecting feedback is more than just sending a survey link to a customer and hoping they fill it out.  I get NPS survey requests from software vendors almost daily and for the most part, they get […]

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