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Episode 117: How To Do A/B Testing When You’re A Small Business (The Tech Smart Boss Way)

In this episode, I go over how to approach A/B testing when it’s not your full-time job and you’re not running a mega website with lots of traffic. With the ultimate objective to covert more leads and get more sales.

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Episode 75: How to Keep Your Customers Informed Without Relying Solely on Email (The Tech Smart Boss Way)

When was the last time you looked in your spam folder? I may be the only one, but if you look in there you’ll find a lot of junk, but you’ll also find some updates from […]

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How To Dynamically Personalize Your Website To Supercharge Your Lead Generation Using Unless

If you listen to our podcast (and you should) you will know that we talk about segmentation and personalization in marketing quite a bit. The key to improving your lead conversion is to deliver the right […]

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